Support Policy

This support policy regulates user assistance NamKhone Marketplace provides to all clients, authors, and affiliates. Using our website, you automatically agree to the following terms. If you do not agree with any of this document's statements, please contact us before using our website, any of its pages, folders, and subdomains. We have the right to change our support policy without prior notice. Therefore, we advise all users to regularly check this page regularly and stay aware of its latest version.

1. General Information

This policy explains support-related questions and defines issues covered by free and premium customer support plans. Further, we will describe them in detail and cover support time, means, and request types.

2. Support Time

2.1. Free support

The General free support plan covers all purchased digital items, except services. Every NamKhone customer has the right to get free support during the first 6 (six) months starting from the purchase date. The purchase date is the date the customer creates the purchase order.*

*The support term can expire even if the client purchased the product but didn't download it from the admin panel or has not used it for some time after completing the order.

3. Product Documentation and Technical Support

All items on the NamKhone have accurate product documentation that includes:

  • general product information;
  • installation instructions (if applicable);
  • frequently asked questions regarding the use of the product.

Please make sure to check item documentation before contacting technical support.*

*Technical support team has the right to suggest the client check the related product documentation without opening a ticket request if the customer's question is related to general product information, installation, or FAQ without giving an exact answer during their communication.

4. Support Channels

4.1. 24/5 General support chat

Product support is provided by theme author solely. NamKhone general assistance conversations aims at assisting with simple questions that do not need long and complex troubleshooting.

4.2. Ticket system

Ticket system service is available Monday through Friday* and aims to resolve complex product issues by NakHone authors. If you have related inquiries, please contact an author from the Downloads section of your account.

*Regular response time is 24 hours after the request. Actual response time may vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the number of active support sessions.

**Marketplace authors take full responsibility for supporting their in-stock products and providing prompt and efficient responses.

5. Requests Covered by Technical Support

Please keep in mind that all items need a different set of software requirements.* Every person has a different set of skills, but as a client, you should understand that you need to have at least basic skills of working with corresponding software to edit the item successfully.

Please make sure to check item documentation carefully before contacting technical support.

Our free tech support plan covers the following points.

General chat support**:

  • information on item updates;
  • installation instructions;
  • ticket status update.

Ticket support:

  • bug reports;
  • complex template-related issues that require more extensive troubleshooting.

*Exact list of software compatibility is described on the item`s page. Please, make sure to check it before making the purchase.

6. Requests NOT Covered by Technical Support

Technical support does not cover the following requests:

  • items installation;
  • items customization;
  • hosting, server configuration issues;
  • generating extra CSS rules;
  • assistance with code editing and locating the code for editing;
  • making any changes to the client’s website;
  • website speed and performance optimization;
  • updates implementation;
  • 3rd party scripts/extensions implementation;
  • issues with/caused by 3rd party extensions;
  • engine-related issues.

Those can be performed by yourself or by NamKhone Service Center techs for an additional fee. These plans also include the service for troubleshooting issues that are not related to the template, for example, those caused by the engine or third-party modules.

7. Support Language

  1. Authors create all items` documentation in English, Thai, Burmese and Shan.
  2. The technical support team and Marketplace authors handle support requests in  English, Thai, Burmese and Shan.

8. Author and Affiliate Support

8.1. Author support

The free support plan does not cover any author-related questions, i.e., item upload issues, author`s payment withdrawal, etc. For all author-related matters, please contact the appropriate department at

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